An international business law firm established in Paris

Alerion is one of France’s foremost independent law firms specialising in international business. It works from Paris for French and foreign clients, advising them and assisting them in disputes.

Complementary skills

Over time, Alerion has developed skills in the principal areas covered by business law :
- employment law
- tax law
- banking law
- corporate law
- capital markets
- private equity
- real-estate law
- environnement law
- public procurement law
- industrial risks / insurance
- competition and distribution law
- litigation
- Intellectual property and NT

Specialization in specific areas of activity

The firm’s partners advise clients operating in most sectors of French and international economic life. Over the years, they have also developed specific and cross-disciplinary knowledge of certain areas of activity such as sports, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, the digital economy, real-estate, and aerospace.

Alerion has a substantial network of correspondents
Alerion’s lawyers, several of whom are members of foreign bars (New York, Madrid, Düsseldorf, etc.), work in English and the main European languages every day.