Aerospace & defence

Aerospace & Defence

ALERION Aerospace and Defence team, led by Frédéric Saffroy, accompanies our industrial clients in the full spectrum of commercial law matters from product inception to full-scale series production and beyond, covering :

  • Research & Development and IPR (NDA, R&D Agreements, Cooperation Agreements, Licencing) ;
  • Sourcing (raw material and components, outsourcing, sub-contracting, subcontracted manufacturing) ;
  • Product liability, quality control, risk management ;
  • IT Services and Data Protection management ;
  • Supply and distribution (standard terms of business, Long term supply, distribution, agency, franchise and government and public contracts). We have particular expertise in France’s so-called “economic” legislation (i.e. competition regulation), advising on restrictive practices, pricing and distribution policies.

ALERION Aerospace and Defence team works hand in hand in particular with our Banking, Corporate, Employment, Environment and Litigation departments in order to grasp and coordinate the various aspects of complex transactions in this sector, thus providing secure advice taking into account all the technical, financial and regulatory requirements.

We are at ease in highly regulated areas, involving various national and international regulations in relation to Aerospace and Defence business, such as European and French export control (military and dual use goods) or in even broader areas such as US FCPA and its European and French equivalents.

Those requirements are often incorporated in Compliance and Ethic policies for which we assist our clients to issue the appropriate corporate documentation and ensure its proper enforcement in France and abroad, in accordance with international, European and French standards.

ALERION is a member of the French Space Agency (CNES) network SPHERIS, and is present at the Paris Air Show.


  • Supply agreements of military hardware (including maintenance and repair services, facilities construction, technology transfers, etc.) for a French Military vehicles and Ordnance manufacturer
  • Intergroup agreement (commercial, administration, IP licensing, subcontracting, etc.) for the purposes of restructuring a French Military vehicles and Ordnance manufacturer
  • Cooperation agreements within the NH90 helicopter Programme and restructuring of NHI (acting for one of the partners in the JV)
  • R&D and Long term supply agreement for screen and display devices of the Airbus A 380 cockpit (acting for the supplier)
  • Licence agreement and maintenance and repair agreement in relation to night vision equipment for helicopters (acting for one of the European leaders in Defence hardware)
  • Long term supply agreement components for the ASTER 15 & 30 PAAMS (Principal Anti-Air Missile System)
  • Satellites launch services agreements
  • Advice and management seminar on risk mitigation in the European aviation and defence businesses for a US OEM
  • Advice in relation to allegated breaches of the UN “Oil for food” program by French industrials (US FCPA and French equivalent)
  • Restructuring of the Earth Observation business of a European space group
  • Advice in relation to contract management under constraint (European Space Agency monitored industrial relationships)
  • Transactions (acquisitions and disposal) of businesses subject to Foreign Investments and Export Control regulations
  • Maintenance and repair contract with the French procurement Agency (SIMMAD) for helicopter rescue hoist (acting for the supplier)
  • Acting against infringer and hackers in relation to navigation hardwares and softwares
  • Management of supplier/client relationships in the Nuclear industry (manufacturing and maintenance and repair agreements)


  • Drafting and reviewing Code of Business Conduct/Code of Ethics in highly regulated sectors : Aerospace and Defence, Bank & Finance, Healthcare, Engineering, etc.
  • Environmental regulation issues in relation to WEEE, REACH and RoHs European directives
  • Competition issues in concentrated business sectors, including cartel cases before the French Competition Authority (Autorité de la concurrence)
  • Fighting against parallel imports in the following sectors : Automotive, Healthcare, Plant Protection.