06 MAY

Alerion consolidates its TEPA expertise

    Stanislas VAILHEN

  06 May 2015

Alerion assisted 123 VENTURE and A PLUS FINENCE in obtaining their AMF visas.

Alerion (Stanislas Vailhen and Pauline Clémentin) assisted 123 VENTURE and A PLUS FINANCE in obtaining their AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) visas, in the context of 123 CLUB PME 2015 and A PLUS PME 2015 tenders, to increase the capital of 20 and 8 companies respectively. This is the fifth tender for which Alerion has provided a tax opinion and submitted the prospectus to the AMF’s Corporate Finance Division. Since 2007, Alerion has assisted over sixty companies in offering securities to the public that give entitlement to a reduction in the wealth tax (TEPA) and the income tax (Madelin).