01 OCT

Alerion’s German Desk has been reinforced

    Nicola KÖMPF

  01 October 2015

Alerion continues to expand and is pleased to welcome new partner Nicola Kömpf

Nicola Kömpf has joined the Firm’s team as partner in order to reinforce its German Desk.

Attorney at both the Paris and Berlin bars, Nicola will strengthen the relations between the Alerion law firm and German clients and lawyers in this new position.

Thanks to her long-standing experience in consulting and litigation, she assists both German-speaking clients in their investments in France and French clients in their development projects in Germany.

Nicola’s dual legal experience allows her to quickly identify the differences between French and German laws and to help her clients understand efficiently French and German law characteristics in order to make the right decisions.

Nicola holds a Master’s Degree in Business Law and a Master’s in Private Law, both from the University of Paris I Sorbonne. She is a member of the Deutsch-Französische Juristenvereinigung (DFJ) executive committee, the Association of French and German lawyers (AJFA), the Association of German lawyers registered in foreign bars and is Vice President of the Legal Committee of the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

Alerion’s German Desk has been reinforced