Corporate law - Mergers & acquisitions

Our team handles all of the entrepreneurial needs of its clients in the different phases of company life (creation, growth, financing, restructuring, acquisitions, divestiture and dissolution).

Our pragmatic approach means we can provide tailored professional and responsiveness support. It is in this spirit of partnership that we handle a wide variety of issues in close cooperation with other departments of the firm (including tax, employment, property, and competition).


Corporate law for listed and unlisted companies

• Incorporation and legal follow-up of companies
• Advice on capital transactions
• Equity and debt financing
• Restructuring operations
• Implementation of management packages
• Assistance regarding governance and compliance rules
• Advice in conflict situations involving corporate law issues
• Assistance in insolvency procedures

Mergers & acquisitions

• Advice and assistance in preparing and implementing business disposals and acquisitions in any context (external growth policy, LBO, etc.) or form (sale, partial contribution of assets, disposal of assets, joint-ventures, mergers, etc.).
• Recommendations on the legal engineering to implement and the different phases of transactions (letters of intent, term sheets, organization, and monitoring of data rooms, acquisition audits, sale protocol, earn out agreement, shareholders’ agreement, asset and liability guarantee agreements, etc.)
• Assistance in implementing the strategy for negotiations

Important missions

• Assistance to a company specializing in the development of in vivo cellular imaging systems for biomedical applications in arranging a fundraiser for several million euros with US and French investors.
• Assistance to a property group for the sale of its property companies, worth 45 million euros.
• Regular assistance to a listed US company specializing in higher education for its acquisitions.
• Regular assistance to a bank for the incorporation and legal follow-up of financing companies approved by the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority)
• Assistance to investment funds in managing and disposing their investments
• Assistance in cross-border transactions (mergers, transfer of assets, restructuring, etc.) involving Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and France, among others.
• Sale of a group of French and Luxembourg companies.
• Capital increases and decreases within a corporate group