Employment law

The Employment Department has significant expertise in labor and social law, and provides both advisory and litigation services.

The Employment Law team handles all issues related to individual and collective relationships under employment and social security law : duration and arrangement of work time, new information and communication technologies, protection of personal data, financial employment law or criminal labor law.

The team also has developed strong expertise in all matters related to occupational health including expertise in WHSC dealings.

The Employment Law team works closely with other lawyers in the firm and in particular with the Tax and Corporate Law Departments on the employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions and private equity operations. The team also regularly assists foreign companies located in France, in particular with the employment consequences of mergers and acquisitions.


Collective labor relations

• Advice and assistance with the employment consequences of restructuring transactions : sale, merger, outsourcing, and employment protection plans.
• Advice and assistance with the negotiation and conclusion of collective bargaining agreements and sector-specific agreements.
• Implementation of work time agreements.
• Implementation of internet regulations, employee cyber-surveillance, e-reputation, and disputes relating thereto.
• Management of collective disputes.
• Job and competency planning.
• Acquisition or compliance audits.

Individual labor relations

• Drafting employment contracts.
• Seconded, expatriated or impatriated employee HR management.
• Negotiating and drafting settlement agreements.
• Implementation of director statuses.

Criminal labor law

• Advice and assistance with the legal consequences of breaches of health and safety rules, working hours, illegal supply of labor, and illegal subcontracting in criminal law.

Financial employment law

• Optimization of individual or collective remuneration, employment savings plans (implementation of incentive and profit-sharing plans and company savings plans).
• Implementation of stock-option plans and complementary retirement and defined benefit plans.

Labor law applied to sport

• Advice and assistance to professional athletes, sports clubs, and their directors.

Occupation health

• Management of legal issues related to the physical unfitness of an employee.
• Management of risks related to implementing the legislation on health, safety, and working conditions as well as issues relating to employer liability under civil and criminal law.
• Assistance to employers in case of WHSC appraisals

Social corporate responsability (CSR)

• Assistance to companies wishing to implement a CSR policy : identification of legal risks.

Social security law

• Advice to companies during the procedure to recognize the occupational nature of an accident or disease.
• Disputes concerning the occupational nature of an accident or disease (OA/OD).
• Disputes before the Incapacity Dispute Court, disputes relating to the level of incapacity recognized.
• Advice and assistance to our clients on ways to recognize gross negligence.
• Disputes before the French Incapacity Court (CNITAAT). "Health, safety, and labor standards : risks and responsibilities".
• Lecturer in CSR for the Master’s Degree in Law and working relationship practices at the University of Paris II Panthéon Assas.
• Training in Political Sciences (as part of continual professional training for companies).
• Member of the French Standards Association’s (AFNOR) committee for developing the ISO 26000 standard.

Important missions

• Assistance creating an assembly subsidiary (collective status, transfer of staff) for a European leader in office furniture.
• Advice and assistance to the French subsidiary of a US group in implementing a restructuring plan and an employment protection plan for more 300 employees as part of a global reorganization.
• Assistance implementing a company restructuring plan after a company buy-out by its executives.
• Advice and assistance in labor law to a French listed company on changing the civil servant status to private law employee status.
• Advice and assistance negotiating and implementing a sector-specific collective agreement.
• Implementation of a psychosocial risk prevention policy in the parcel transportation sector.
• Raising awareness for psychosocial risk with the members of the board of directors of a major UK bank.
• Quarterly training sessions on legal, regulatory, and case law developments related to payroll for an accounting firm.
• Training the Liaisons Sociales group on the following topics : "Psychosocial risk management", "Employee physical unfitness : handling the complexity of the procedures",
• Legal management of psychosocial risks (stress and psychological harassment), both upstream in terms of prevention and downstream in the event of disputes (employees, health, safety, and working conditions committee appraisal).
• Occupational Health