Environment law

The lawyers of the Environmental Law Department provide advice and litigation support to environmental law stakeholders during the project development, implementation and completion phases, and manage various issues that might arise in connection with their activities.

The Environmental Law Department provides advice and litigation support to environmental law stakeholders.

The Environmental Law Department acts on behalf of :
- stakeholders in the renewable energy sector
- industrial companies
- design and engineering firms
- public sector stakeholders
- insurance companies


Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE)

• Assistance in compiling authorization applications (impact studies, public inquiries, urban planning authorizations, ICPE authorizations, regulation of GHG emission allowances, technological risk prevention plans, etc.).
• Following examination procedures with the various authorities.
• Assistance in the event of disputes related to authorization requests (recourse against authorization refusals, defense in case of claims by third parties against authorizations, etc.).
• Advice and assistance in case of an incident during operation (notification of Regional Department of the Environment, Planning, and Housing (DREAL)), notification of the towns concerned, etc.).
• Assistance in case of disputes related to facility operation (abnormal neighborhood disturbances : noise, discharge of substances related to facility operation, changes in operating requirements, changes related to operating conditions, etc.).
• Assistance and advice for facility sale transactions (environmental audits, preparation/revision of sale contracts, drafting of environmental liability guarantee provisions, easements, restrictions on use, etc.).
• Assistance and advice on cessation of activity.

Water Law

• Assistance in compiling declaration and authorization applications for facilities withdrawing and/or using water, large infrastructure projects, monitoring of examination proceedings with the various authorities (impact studies, public inquiries, natural risk prevention plans, etc.).
• Assistance in case of disputes relating to declarations or authorization requests (recourse against refusals of operation, defense in case of third party claims against authorizations, etc.).
• Assistance in case of disputes related to facility operation (abnormal neighborhood disturbances, pollution, changes in operating requirements, changes related to operating conditions, etc.).
• Assistance and advice on cessation of operations.

Contaminated Sites and Soil

• Assistance in the acquisition or sale of a contaminated site (environmental audits, implementation or development of environmental liability guarantee provisions, assessing legal impacts of environmental liability guarantees in connection with specialized consulting firms, etc.).
• Assistance before legal and administrative courts for disputes related to the existence of pollution in the soil and in the context of measures of amicable appraisals or appraisals ordered by the courts, determination of liability, implementation of insurance coverage, etc.


• Assistance in building and industrial site rehabilitation procedures (removal of asbestos, waste removal procedures, etc.), dispute management.

Mines and Quarries

• Assistance in preparing operating license requests.
• Assistance in contracting out safety and rehabilitation works on previously operated sites.
• Disputes related to rehabilitation and safety works at the end of a concession.
• Assistance in implementing easements and restrictions on use.

Renewable energies

• Assistance in defining the terms for installing renewable energy production units using photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, and biomass combustion facilities (legal regime applicable to the occupation of the land on which the facilities are installed).
• Assistance and advice in obtaining building and operating permits, management of potential disputes with administrative authorities, as well as third party claims, contract review and/or preparation for the manufacture of electricity production equipment, their installation and commissioning, as well as building and civil engineering works required for operation.
• Assistance and advice for insurance coverage and insurance programs adapted to the activity, the operator’s needs, and legal and regulatory constraints (master policies, insurance classes, captive insurance, coinsurance, and reinsurance).
• Assistance and advice regarding the acquisition of renewable electricity production units (acquisition audit, preparation of documentation relating to the sale, implementation of the formalities required for the transfer of ownership, management of legal and contractual guarantees, verification of insurance coverage).
• Assistance in drafting operating contracts for electricity production facilities as well as energy and network access procurement contracts.
• Assistance and advice on how to develop and market building products incorporating renewable electricity production equipment (applicable special regulations, liabilities, insurance guarantees, contractual guarantees).
• Management, in conjunction with the Alérion’s Financing Department, of guarantee mechanisms likely to be implemented in favor of the credit institutions which contributed to the transaction.
• Management, in conjunction with Alérion’s Tax Department, of the tax implications and consequences of the transaction and facility operation.