Industrial risks / Insurance

The lawyers of the Industrial Risks and Insurance Department are involved in all stages of industrial transactions, starting with project development, then implementation, and throughout the life of the facilities.

The Industrial Risks and Insurance Department provides advisory and litigation support for :
• manufacturers
• distributors
• importers
• public and private contracting authorities
• industrial site operators
• maintenance companies
• design and engineering offices
• subcontractors
• insurance companies


Industrial risks

• Assistance in implementing a contractual arrangement for the construction and operation of industrial sites.
• Legal audit and assistance in drafting construction, engineering, consortium, co-contracting, subcontracting, supply, industrial equipment, licensing, maintenance, repair, distribution, and service provision contracts and agreements.
• Assistance and defense of companies in the field of trademarks, patents, domain names, and designs.
• Advice in implementing financial guarantees and credit insurance tailored to the company’s export activities.
• Prevention of risks related to safety at work in the company.
• Assistance in crisis management : emergency legal proceedings, implementation of preventive proceedings (interlocutory, legal expertise).
• Assistance in pre-litigation dispute resolution.
• Assistance in preparing claims for damages for material damage and consequential financial loss.
• Assistance and representation before the courts and in arbitration proceedings.
• Civil and criminal defense of the company and its directors prosecuted for the construction or rehabilitation of industrial sites or the manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance, or operation of industrial and technological products or equipment.
• Civil and criminal defense of the company and its directors for accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Product safety

• Advice in compliance and product safety with respect to sector-specific regulations.
• Disputes regarding defective products (non-compliance, failure of performance, hidden defects, and lack of security in the context of serial disasters, poor advice, late delivery, etc.).
• Criminal defense for companies and their directors prosecuted due to a lack of safety of their products.


• Advice and assistance in implementing insurance programs and insurance guarantees tailored to company needs and activities.
• Analysis, assistance, and advice in implementing insurance company guarantees.
• Assistance in determining damages and quantifying material damage and consequential financial loss for company affected by a claim.
• Advice to insurance companies on regulating their activities.
• Disputes regarding the liability of insurance intermediaries.