Alerion Innovation dedicates its expertise to the service of your innovative projects. By efficiently coordinating with the firm’s different departments and practices, we provide the best possible response to your needs and requirements.


You are… a start-up, an investor, an entrepreneur, an innovative manufacturer or business in the media or high-tech sector You are looking to… ensure the legality and compliance of your innovations, protect them, enhance their value or develop them, whether alone or in partnership, in France or abroad.


At Alerion, innovation is at the heart of our activity. Our methods are adapted to the reality of your business thanks to understanding and in-depth knowledge of a large number of technological and media sectors, such as :
• Life sciences, Biotechnologies, Agrobusiness
• Chemistry and pharmacy, medical devices and cosmetics
• Aeronautics, Aerospace and Defence
• Advanced technologies, Big Data, the Internet of Things, mapping, imaging/ optronics, display, electronics
• Energy – nuclear, wind, geothermal, biofuels
• Automotive
• Audiovisual, Cinema, Internet

Our Strengths

We have both legal and technical knowledge of technological sectors as well as the desire to be creative and pragmatic. We aim us to establish a safe, long-term legal environment without being boxed into pre-established patterns.

• Cybersecurity and Protection of personal data :

in this digital age, personal data is the fuel of innovation, and it is imperative that the collection, processing and securing of this information be regulated so as to ensure the development of products and sevices which satisfy the requirements of the GDPR applicable as of May 25, 2018. This regulation is also a vital response to the demands of customers who are increasingly concerned about protecting their private lives.

• Compliance as a strategy and asset for innovation :

reinforced by the French “Sapin II” and “Vigilance” laws, Compliance and business ethics requirements are necessary for all businesses, not only internationally (in connection with the US FCPA or the UK Bribery Act), but also in France.

• Regulated activities :

many innovative activities are subject to special regulations, whether in the field of life sciences (laboratories, operators…), computing (cryptology, communications…), energy (nuclear, solar, wind…), security, defence or even education.

• Export control :

a large variety of innovative goods and services are subject to intracommunity or extra-community export control, due to their performance capacity or their potential use. They constitute dual-use goods or military equipment. Lastly, many persons, organisations or States are subject to international sanctions or embargos.

• Partnerships :

innovation is a team matter, either from the R&D stage or the marketing phase. Our command of contractual technique allows us to secure your partnerships (Consortium, JV, temporary grouping of companies), your Facilities Management, or even your supply/outsourcing and distribution agreements.

• Maintaining your competitive edge :

we set up the legal framework necessary to safeguard your interests (contractual and legal), in particular your competitive interests (unfair competition, mergers and cartels, abuse of dominant position…)

• Intellectual property (including industrial property) :

we help you protect, obtain value from and defend your innovations (databases, trademarks, patents and PBR, parallel imports, copyright, counterfeit etc….)

• Labour law :

the use of technologies by employees, who are increasingly nomadic and connected, requires a contractual framework adapted to these technologies ( IC Policy, Code of ethics…) and one which is in compliance with personal data protection requirements. The situation of inventor employees must also be anticipated.

• Innovation and taxation :

innovations qualify for supportive tax measures if the innovative project satisfies certain eligibility conditions, in particular for a research tax credit. We therefore assist our clients in applying for tax aid and defend their interests if the legitimacy of their research tax credit is challenged by the tax authorities.

• Cybercriminality :

Any Internet user may be the victim of criminal offenses committed via the Internet, in particular in the case of an attack on information systems or “CEO fraud”. We assist with filing complaints with the competent services and with the preservation of evidence. We also represent you before the criminal authorities and courts, whether you are victim or defendant.