Intellectual property and NT

The Intellectual Property - New Technology team is part of the Competition and Distribution Law Department. We assist our customers with the use and protection of their technological assets and digital inventions.

The Intellectual Property - New Technology team helps customers implement and optimize the protection and legal environment of their technological and intangible assets. The team provides assistance with technological and intellectual property litigation.



• IT contracts (development, agile methods, licenses, maintenance, outsourcing, hosting, cloud computing, etc.)
• Technology contracts (R&D, transfer of know-how, confidentiality, etc.)
• Legal framework of online activities (Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, personal data usage policy, etc.)


• Data use and protection strategy
• Personal data processing audits
• Formalities with the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority)
• Policies on the use of technological resources


• Contracts regarding copyright and related rights (assignment, licensing, production, publishing, etc.)
• Contracts regarding industrial property rights (assignment, licensing, joint ownership, etc.)
• Intangible asset protection strategy
• Formalities for protecting intangible assets (trademark, design, and model registrations, registration in registries, monitoring, etc.)
• Portfolio management (trademarks, designs, and models, domain names)
• Intangible asset audits


• Gathering evidence (affidavits on the information systems and online, information procurement measures on counterfeit networks, seizures of counterfeit goods, etc.)
• Emergency and interim measures (counterfeit, invasion of privacy, etc.)
• Technological litigation (legal expertise, third-party liability lawsuits, etc.)
• Intellectual property disputes (legal expertise, claims for recovery, claims and counterfeit proceedings, and assistance before the French commission for employee inventions, etc.)

Important missions

• Preparation of standard contracts for a major player in the distribution of online solutions
• Assistance contracting with customers for a holder of patents on technology for broadcasting video content on mobile phones
• Preparation of standard on-site or online user licensing (SaaS) and maintenance agreements for a publisher of human resources management software
• Preparation of standard licensing, maintenance, and service provision agreements for a business intelligence software publisher
• Preparation of Terms of Service for a media trading service provider
• Drafting of the Terms of Service for an energy efficiency bonus application service provider
• Drafting of a policy on the use of personal data for a personalized soda bottle distribution operator
• Consultation on the use of data and features provided by an electronic device fitted in vehicles to ensure the payment of rental by a commercial vehicle rental company
• Consultation on the use of data and features provided by an electronic device fitted in vehicles to ensure the payment of loan installments by credit institutions
• Preparation of R&D and confidentiality agreements for a biotechnology company
• Assistance in making a contractual R&D agreement for a major player in medical imaging.
• Filing of international and national trademarks for a pharmaceutical company in 34 zones and countries
• Trademark monitoring for a public administrative institution in charge of environmental protection
• Representation of a wine grower in a claim for the recovery of trademarks
• Representation of a patent holder in claims for recovery and infringement proceedings regarding their patent
• Representation of a company in actions for the annulment of a contract and damages against its provider in a failed IT project