05 DEC

Lexpress Compliance : Dual-use goods, a new guide for Internal Compliance Program

    Frédéric SAFFROY
    Corinne THIERACHE
    Laura RAIMONDO
    Carole BUI
    Justine CLERC

  05 December 2018

Alerion has published a new issue of "LexPress" dedicated to dual-use goods and compliance programs to be implemented by exporters.

With innovation, dual-use goods - civilian and military - are hidden everywhere : special metals, nanotechnologies, ball bearings, calculators, electronic components, sensors, software, GPS, radios, etc. The latest concerns of the authorities are with drones and cryptology (present in many communication applications).
Therefore, it is essential that you ask yourself whether your activity, products and/or services fall within the scope of dual-use goods export control regulations.

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