Private equity

Private equity is one of the firm’s outstanding skills and our team is particularly renowned for its expertise in this domain.

We advise numerous investment funds on the creation of their management companies, the constitution of fund regulations and on their actual investments, whether in venture capital, leveraged buyouts or owner buyouts [LBOs/OBOs].

We are familiar with the issues of finding financing and we also support companies that want to finance themselves through private equity (raising funds), particularly in the biotechnologies and new technologies sectors. We advise management teams and assist them as they seek financing and set up management packages.

In close collaboration with the firm’s other teams, we offer complete and pragmatic advice that is tailor-made to our clients’ needs and strive to ensure that their legal and fiscal engineering will help them create value.


Venture capital and development capital

- Drafting appropriate legal documentation (letter of intent, shareholders’ agreement, investment protocol, asset and liability guarantees, etc.)
- Legal audits
- Issuing complex investment securities (preference shares, convertible or reimbursable bonds, etc.)
- Advising funds on the legal aspects of their investment strategy (terms and conditions governing capital contributions, sharing the internal yield rate [TRI], governance of companies, non-compete clauses, etc.)

Mezzanine financing and leverage operations

- Financing operations using complex bonds
- Leverage operations of the LBO, MBO, MBI or OBO type

Important missions

- Many cases of convertible bond investment, mezzanine financing, OBOs and LBOs, particularly for Bpifrance Investissement.
- Assistance with the creation of a private investment fund.
- Assistance to a biotechnology company with its successive calls for funding, raising a total of over €60 million, and then with its floatation on the stock exchange.
- Assistance to an independent French media company which publishes websites dedicated to new technologies to raise €22.5 million in funds.
- Assistance to a company specialising in the development of in vivo cellular imaging systems designed for biomedical applications in the context of raising funds of several million euros from French and American investors.