Real estate law

The lawyers of the Real Estate and Construction Department are involved in all stages of real estate transactions, starting with project development, then construction and throughout the building’s life.

The Real Estate and Construction Department lawyers are involved in all stages of real estate transactions.

The Real Estate and Construction Department provides advice and litigation support to :
• public and private contracting authorities
• developers
• construction companies
• design offices/contractors/engineers
• public institutions
• regional communities
• insurance companies
• banks and financial institutions
• real estate companies
• management companies


Preparation of real estate transactions

• Urban Planning and Development Law (advice and litigation support in all matters relating to land use, its division, relationships with land development companies, and estates).
• Building codes (buildings open to the public (ERP), high-rise buildings (IGH), specific rules for specialized areas of activity and operating (commercial zoning and Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment [ICPE] in conjunction with the Environmental Law Department).
• Real estate potential (geotechnical and geophysical) and environmental audit of the soil (in conjunction with the Environmental Law Department).
• Real estate development and financing in conjunction with the firm’s specialized departments (tax/banking/company law), drafting financing contracts (loans and guarantees).
• Building lease — leasehold (civil and administrative).
• Financial leasing (advice and litigation support, from the preparation phase to performance and termination of the leasing contract).
• Leases (public and private).
• Assistance in the payment of construction work (itemization of works, implementation of financial guarantees in favor of companies or contracting authorities).
• Responsibility of stakeholders in the building process (advice and litigation support in connection with the implementation of ten-year and two-year liability, defect liability guarantee, builder legal liability, claims management during works).
• Construction Insurance (implementation of building defects liability insurance, mandatory ten-year liability insurance, optional insurance guarantees covering liabilities incurred for damage during construction, consequential loss and damage to the structure).

Marketing and management of real estate transactions

• Property development - Sale before completion transactions - Sale of buildings to be renovated - Construction of individual houses.
• Performance bond and delivery guarantee.
• Sale of the property (advice and support for litigation in connection with the preliminary contract and deed of sale, assistance in the implementation of the guarantee against hidden defects , liability incurred for late delivery of the building, failure to delivery and non-compliance).
• Assistance in forming, implementing, renewing, and terminating civil (home, furnished, professional, etc.), commercial, and agricultural leases.
• Assistance in pricing procedures for renewed or revised leases and eviction compensation.
• Assistance for real estate professionals (sales and property management).
• Co-ownership law, Free Urban Land Association (AFUL) and Free Homeowners’ Associations (ASL).