Banking law

Alerion’s Banking and Finance Department advises its clients, in particular banking and financial institutions, and assists them in disputes.

The firm’s lawyers assist banks, credit institutions and investment service providers in issues related to banking and financial law.

They represent their clients before civil, commercial and criminal courts and also help companies negotiate their financing documentation.

The biggest financing operations are handled by our Finance team.



- Recovering debts from principal debtors, guarantors and other pledge providers
- Taking conservatory measures
- Implementing means of enforcement and handling enforcement litigation

Insolvency proceedings and means of enforcement

- Defence in liability proceedings for improper support, unfair loans or sudden cessation of credit
- Claim proceedings, preservation of collateral assets included in a transfer plan
- Declarations and disputes of claims
- Appeals against opening judgements
- Appointing an inspector and supervising the procedure
- Ad-hoc and conciliation mandate procedures

Banking and financial regulations

- Ensuring compliance with internal control regulations (prudential ratios, internal control, subcontracting, ethics) and drafting internal documentation (anti-laundering manual, internal regulations, charter of ethics)).
- Assisting investment service providers in their relations with supervising authorities (collaboration with the tax law department)