The firm works in French law for French and foreign clients

To fulfil its client’s foreign law requirements, Alerion has correspondents in most countries.

The firm decided not to become part of an international network requiring it to work with pre-chosen structures in the various countries concerned. As time goes on, it selects partners of various sizes which will suit the profile of its clients.

International Bar Association

To select those primordial partners, Alerion decided to use the IBA (International Bar Association) of which it is an active member.

Since 2009, the firm has in fact decided to organise evening drinks attended by a delegation of partners, alongside the IBA’s annual congress. This event has successively taken place in Madrid, Vancouver, Dubai, Dublin,Boston, Tokyo, Vienna, Washington and in 2017 in Sydney, and is an opportunity for Alerion to strengthen its links with law firms from the world’s principal business centres with a view to assisting its clients in their international development.

Alerion has also developed special knowledge of certain geographical areas, demonstrated by the creation of teams dedicated to those markets.


Alerion offers the services of an elite, multidisciplinary firm to assist Spanish and South American companies as well as French subsidiaries of Spanish groups in their activities in France.

A dedicated team :

• Alerion’s dedicated team is managed by Jacques Ramón Bouyssou, a French lawyer of Spanish origin who also studied in Spain.

• Our team offers Spanish-speaking clients a service tailored to the cultural and business specificities of Spain and Latin American countries.

Our firm also has strong relationships with Spanish and Latin American law firms.


Alerion assists German and French branches of German companies and companies which belong to international groups and undertake commercial activities in France. In addition, he also advises French companies who wish to enter on the German market.

The German Desk is run by Nicola Kompf and Friedrich Niggemann. Nicola is a French and German attorney. She has been admitted to the Paris and Berlin bars and has over 20 years experience in consulting for Franco-German companies. Friedrich has been admitted to the Düsseldorf and Paris bars. He has an educational background in both German and French law and experience in Franco-German relations. Friedrich assists clients in their investments, commercial and social relations and defends them before French and international courts. Nicola and Friedrich are supported by the team of dynamic associate lawyers who are also schooled in Franco-German law.

In addition, the German desk also works with the other specialized departments of Alerion in order to deliver a high quality service to its clients in each area. The dual legal experience of the German desk lawyers allows them to quickly identify the differences between French and German laws and to help their clients understand efficiently French and German law characteristics in order to make the right decisions.

The German desk has extensive experience of working with German, Austrian and Swiss law firms who often send over a French speaking team to follow up cases on site.


Alerion has had a partnership with the Canadian firm Lette, a pioneer in the field of foreign investment in Canada, since 2008 (Lette & Associés/Lette LLP, Montreal and Toronto).

Alerion and Lette have a complementary role in relations between France and Canada, providing assistance to French investors setting up in Canada or vice versa. Alerion assists Canadian entrepreneurs in conducting their business in France and also assists companies and individuals setting up in Canada in their legal and tax choices with respect to France.

This combination of multidisciplinary expertise is perfectly integrated so as to ensure that clients’ needs are served in a timely and professional manner on both sides of the Atlantic.